Zhongbei College is an independent college and subordinated to Nanjing Normal University upon the approval of China's Ministry of Education. The college is situated at the north of Nanjing Normal University's Xianlin campus which is at the east of the Zijin Mountain. Since Zhongbei College was founded in 1999, it has being acceded centennial university--Nanjing Normal University's excellent tradition to running school and advanced ideas of education. Meanwhile, the college depends on the perfect resources of Nanjing Normal University to organize teaching recourses independently, and it is a very essential and quite important college to cultivate graduates for Nanjing Normal University. The students of Zhongbei College share libraries, labs, gymnasiums, domes and many teaching resources with Nanjing Normal University's students. From 2009, the college will award the diploma of Zhongbei College to graduates, and award the bachelor degree of Nanjing Normal University to graduates who have met to requirements.

Zhongbei College, as an independent school since 1999, has inherited fine tradition and advanced educational ideas of hundred-year-old university--Nanjing Normal University (NNU). At present, our college has nine departments with thirty-three majors in humanities, science, foreign language, economics management, public administrations, information science & technology, engineering, fine art, music and intensive training. There are over 6900 students in our college.

Persisting in the school-running tenet of "people-oriented, serving for students", Zhongbei colleges, as a new form of higher education in China, continuously explores new teaching models, aims to cultivate the compound talents with good foundation and wide knowledge. Now we have established various corporations with some countries such as America, Britain, Japan, France Germany, Singapore and etc. to carry on "Oversea Study Plans" to provide students more flexible and diverse learning opportunities.